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Join us on August 28 & 29, 2018 in Northwest Mississippi Community College for the Introduction to Lean Six Sigma & Measurement System Analysis training course.

Day 1 Intro to Lean Six Sigma:
  • Introduction to the Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • How the methodologies complement each other
  • The basic phases of the methodology
  • Introduction to basic Lean Six Sigma concepts
  • Identify what is necessary for a successful Lean Six Sigma initiative including actual results
  • Identify the phases of process improvement
  • Learn the importance of the Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • Identify the Critical to Satisfaction Characteristics (CTS) and how to translate the data into Critical to Quality (CTQ) characteristics
  • Follow the DMAIC method of process improvement
Day 2 Measurement System Analysis:
  • The components of a measurement system
  • The different types of measurement error
  • How to identify repeatability and reproducibility issues
  • How to design and run a variable Gage R&R and an attribute Gage R&R
  • How to interpret the output
  • How to use that information to improve your measurement system
  • Quality engineers and managers
  • Plant managers
  • Auditors and audit managers
  • Operations managers and supervisors

2 Days


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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma & Measurement System Analysis