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Join us on November 12, 2019 in Tampa, FL for the Wonderware System Platform Maintenance training course.

  • Troubleshoot the Data Flow from the HMI, to the Objects, to Device Drivers to the PLC and identifying the points of failure in the path.
  • Navigation in the Wonderware Integrated Development Environment.
  • The basics of Application Server Objects and deployment of these Objects.
  • Connect to our Device Drivers (Operations Integration Servers or OI Servers).
  • Test Connectivity to the PLC or PLC Simulation using the WW Client tool.
  • Use Object Viewer to troubleshoot Application Sever objects and communications.
  • The basics of Wonderware Graphics and how to link graphics to Objects and I/O.
  • How to deploy InTouch applications to the different nodes in your system.
  • Understand how data is being logged into the Wonderware Historian and add some new variables for logging.
  • Use the Historian Client tools to view and troubleshoot the quality of your data.
  • Navigate through the different components in the System Management Console (SMC).
  • Locate the Historian in the SMC for monitoring the status of Historical Data Acquisition and Storage
  • Locate the Operations Integration Server Manager in the SMC for Topic Setup and Troubleshooting.
  • Use the Wonderware Logger in the SMC to view warnings and errors.
  • Perform backups of the Wonderware System, OI Server configurations, and Historian Database/History Blocks.
  • Exposure to the HMI Systems, PLC programming and Instrumentation.
  • Manufacturing industry experience (recommended).
Instrument Technicians and Maintenance Personnel who may not be so focused on the new development of the System Platform applications. These technicians who are charged with keeping existing systems operational and on occasion need to add a few data points or devices. System Integrators who have been exposed to Wonderware, and are looking for a refresher to help diagnose and solve issues out in the field.

3 days


Wonderware System Platform Maintenance