Critical Systems Support

Critical Systems Support

X0 Health is a solution that continuously monitors your Wonderware applications and system hardware, identifies upset conditions and alerts you to potential issues before they manifest into real problems like software application errors or machine downtime events.

Customers are often unaware of their Wonderware system’s health and of opportunities to take proactive measures to mitigate potential system failures. Your organization needs to have immediate notification of any issue(s) that may degrade the performance of your Wonderware application.  X0 Health can be configured to send alert messages directly to InSource.

X0 Health Monitoring

What really sets this solution apart from other system health monitoring solutions is the multitude of service level options to keep your manufacturing facilities vital systems operations up and running. Choose from four, different service packages starting with the  standard bronze service package that includes pre-configured e-mail alerts sent to any of your internal resources plus an annual health check. Or you can go all the way up to the Platinum Elite service package that includes InSource experts continuously monitoring your system 24/7.  InSource will triage the alert (benign or critical?) begin diagnosis and work with you to resolve the issue. Monthly reports on overall health status; critical/major/medium/minor system issues and errors; changes/corrections made; and best practice proposals to avoid future issues is also included in the Platinum Elite package. Click here to download a full menu of X0 Health Packages.

X0 Health Benefits

Rapid Deployment and Improved Wonderware Application Performance

X0 Heath can have you setup and monitoring your Wonderware systems health within 48 hours. For a Wonderware System deployment, X0 Health Monitoring is constantly watching 5 areas:

  • Computer Health
  • Network Performance
  • Error / Warning Logs
  • Files and Folders
  • Select Wonderware Tools

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