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InSource X0 Solutions™

Drive Asset Utilization and Plant Performance With a Secure, Managed Cloud Solution

X0 Downtime™, is a cost-effective solution for measuring and improving plant performance and asset utilization through manual and automatic data collection, KPI monitoring and data analysis.

Operators can report downtime events using the equipment dashboard view in a browser from anywhere, anytime and on any smart device. Or set your control systems to automatically publish downtime events so that your equipment downtime and efficiency KPI data become a live, decision-support feed that is available securely across your enterprise.

X0 Downtime keeps a complete history of OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality KPIs which becomes an extremely powerful contributor to continuous improvement initiatives. This allows you to monitor your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Availability, Performance and Quality along with the status of the current production run in the ready-to-use equipment dashboard. 

The active production run is visualized with an ideal production rate marker, providing a clear indication how actual production results match or deviate from plan.

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All InSource Packaged Solutions include:
  • IIOT Transmitters
  • Edge Computing platform
  • 1 year Cloud platform subscription (longer contracts available)
  • One-time Set-up & configuration
  • Supervised or Expert Support package

OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality KPI Analysis

X0 Downtime also allows users to view KPI history information using intuitive charts and reports.

Users can select whether to see some or all pieces of equipment on a line, a plant, or across multiple plants all on one chart. This allows you to quickly benchmark your assets, and identify those that need improvements.

Quickly and easily identify the low-hanging fruit, and start improving your operational performance now. It is that simple.

Powerful data is only powerful when you use it

A key element of the X0 Solution portfolio is coaching. Specifically, the operations coaching on how to incorporate the information now available 24/7 on your mobile device into your organization’s daily, weekly and monthly routines. How will your production meetings change? How about Shift-Handovers?

The answer means the difference between an interesting technology project and a transformational moment.

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