The Modern Control Room
Visualization & Supervisory Control Solutions

The Modern Control Room

Visualization & Supervisory Control Solutions

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For years, HMIs have kept processes running and notified plant operators or managers when there are issues. Today, the modern control room is transitioning from managing the machine or the process to managing the business. Information silos are eliminated. Users have the ability to address a situation in real time, or even before a problem occurs. There is “one version of the truth” that empowers manufacturers to proactively reduce energy, improve efficiency and asset utilization, raise quality standards, insure compliance and ultimately increase profitability. Attributes of the modern control center include:

  • Sophisticated Graphics & Intuitive Realtime Dashboards
  • Built in Mobility
  • Proactive & Predictive Analytics
  • Personalized & situationally aware
  • Cloud Collaborative
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