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Workforce Optimization Solutions

The goal of most workforce automation projects is to reduce inherent inefficiencies in our day to day activities and routines. But that’s only the beginning. Today, manufacturers and industrials can dramatically impact not only inefficiencies but culture, employee engagement, safety, quality and consistency with automated work instruction, workflow and standing order communications systems.

These solutions can take many forms from the simple to the very sophisticated. The first step is often to convert manual or ad-hoc communications to electronic work instructions and standing orders. Ultimately electronic workflow management provides integration of people and systems into operational processes and enforces consistent execution of operating procedures. Workflows can be defined in the process specification and business rules and automatically triggered from planned or unplanned production events to provide notifications and information to the right people requiring task execution, data entry response or decision making feedback.

In addition, with electronic systems, corporations have searchable audit trails which dramatically improve accountability and compliance.

If your work processes seem out of control, InSource can help you modernize your work instruction and standing order communications systems. Let us show you how.

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Work Instructions & Standing Orders
Workforce Optimization Solutions

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