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Historically, Operators and Maintenance Technicians have relied heavily on paper to document to communicate between departments about safety conditions, inventory, quality levels, production output, maintenance work, etc. Many time paperwork must be physically carried throughout the plant. Employees regularly conduct rounds to identify potential safety and compliance issues, impending maintenance interventions, and keep plants running efficiently. However, as the existing experienced workforce retires taking their tribal knowledge and experience with them, the value of rounds is being challenged by the new generation of employees. They appropriately question the benefits of capturing information on paper logs that are commonly filed and not actively used in decision making. But the answer is not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Today, by combining advanced wireless technology with automated workflows and data capture, physical inspection rounds, as well as many other plant operations, can be modernized and digitized to great positive effect.

InSource brings you the resources you need to reduce your paperwork, improve your rounding process, and automate your data capturing. See below to learn more about how we do this.

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Mobile Operator Rounds
Workforce Optimization Solutions
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