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Wonderware 2017 is Here!
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Wonderware System Platform 2017
3 Big Reasons Why System Platform 2017 is a Game Changer

Easy to Build.
InTouch OMI brings responsive HMI development to Industrial Software. Build once. Deploy on any device!

Easy to Use.
Modern UI/UX standards increase usability across devices by incorporating multi-touch and gesture controls, Historian playback and contextualized apps.

Easy to Own.
Supporting a mix of on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid applications offers the most pragmatic and flexible shift to real-time control and actionable insights.

System Platform 2017 (at a Glance):
  • Comprehensive HMI framework
  • Rich set of application building blocks/ device objects
  • Build resolution independent user interfaces, faster
  • Stellar User Experiences on all platforms, desktop and mobile
  • Boost productivity through content-driven Apps, dashboards, charts
InTouch OMI enables the first industrial application that will deliver a tailored and contemporary experience to any environment or device, including control rooms, industrial panels, desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.
InTouch_icon_75x75.jpgWonderware InTouch 2017
Killer New Features in InTouch HMI 2017

Support for Frame Windows to Host ArchestrA Graphics
Frame windows can be used in WindowMaker in addition to class application windows. Frame windows host a single ArchestrA Graphic and provide the user the ability to dynamically resize windows at run time.

Support for Panning and Zooming at Run Time Using Mouse, Keyboard and Touch Gestures
This feature enables the user to pan and zoom at run time using mouse, keyboard and touch gestures. This feature is enabled by properties configured in a frame window.

Create Modern and Managed InTouch Applications Using Application Templates
A user can create a Modern or Managed InTouch application from an application template. Available application templates are available in the Application Template Browser. This feature also enables the user to create application windows from template windows as well as set application windows to become available as template windows for reuse.

Run InTouch as a Service
When WindowViewer is configured to run as a service, an application directory path is now entered in the Node Properties dialog box to automatically run the specified application as a service with WindowViewer. WindowViewer will run in a non-Graphical User Interface mode.

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Wonderware 2017 FAQs
New Wonderware User

+ What is Wonderware InTouch?
Wonderware InTouch is the world’s most advanced, scalable, extensible and intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) and process visualization software. Wonderware InTouch controls more than 100,000 plants and factories around the world, helping to achieve world-class performance, reduce costs and improve product quality.

InTouch uses the most sophisticated graphical technology and is simply, the most intuitive process visualization product in the market. It offers class leading innovation, brilliant graphics, legendary ease of use and unsurpassed connectivity.

There are many imitators, but only one original. Wonderware InTouch provides:
  • Situational Awareness for Operator Effectiveness
  • Visualization Access Anywhere
  • Unequaled Investment Protection
  • The Hub for Enterprise Unification

+ What’s different about Wonderware InTouch 2017?
The best is now better. InTouch Version 2017 has added:
  • Runtime Pan and Zoom
  • Redesigned Events and Alarms Control (EAC)
  • Application Templates for faster project startup & Window Templates for faster development
  • New Frame type windows
  • Ability to run as a Service
  • New Activation Based Licensing
  • Centralized License Management Capabilities

+ What is Wonderware System Platform?
System Platform is a complete automation solution and is the world’s only responsive, scalable platform for Supervisory, SCADA, MES and IIoT applications that integrates the process with the Enterprise. System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes and assets for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support.

This framework meets the industry’s demand for:
  • Model-driven Information View that normalizes and contextualizes real-time process, alarms & events and historical archived data in disparate business systems around a common information model.
  • Centralized, Multi-user Collaboration. The entire System configuration, administration and deployment can be managed locally or remotely.
  • Out-of-the-box Situational Awareness (SA) Library increases effectiveness by 5 fold in detecting abnormal situations before system availability is impacted. A 37% improvement in the success rate for handling abnormal situations when they do occur. A 41% reduction in the time required to complete tasks.
  • Advanced Alarm Management.

+ What’s different about Wonderware System Platform 2017?
System Platform 2017 includes the world’s First Operations Management Interface (OMI)

This NextGen visualization client is optimized to perform on every display screen–the first time, every time! InTouch OMI is 6 to 10x faster in graphic rendering performance than InTouch System Platform on 1/10 memory footprint (e.g. 200 clients on single terminal server). OMI content looks stellar on different layouts, multi-monitors and mobile devices.

  • New IIOT Connectivity & Support.
  • Game changing Object Wizards.
  • The Magic Touch – multi-touch & gestures.
  • New communication drivers to automatically generate tags & create instances of the PLC control structures.
  • Model-based Smart Navigation eliminating the need to define every UI navigation link individually.

+ What else does Wonderware offer?
At Wonderware we believe in the limitless potential of technology to empower people and transform businesses. They focus on creating the most innovative and reliable industrial software to empower individuals, teams and businesses of all sizes, to become extraordinary. This includes offerings of:
  • HMI & SCADA.
  • Industrial Information Management.
  • MES and MOM.

Existing Wonderware User

+ Does my Customer First support contract entitle me to receive this new version?
o All existing Wonderware licenses that are on an active Customer First Support contract can be upgraded upon request to the 2017 release at no charge. These are Perpetual licenses. Version 2017 also introduces the option of subscription licensing. An upgrade to the new Subscription licensing can be made available for a fee. You can start the process by requesting your upgrades here.

+ What should I know before I decide to upgrade?
Most Wonderware Version 2017 Activated licenses are not backward version compatible, i.e. 2017 licenses will not enable previous versions. Please consult InSource to plan your upgrade appropriately to ensure uptime.

+ What does installation look like?
Wonderware System Platform and InTouch version 2017 installation is straight-forward. Follow the link below to the InSource Knowledge Center to see information on prerequisites, and watch a walk thru video of installation & configuration. [Installing Wonderware System Platform 2017]

+ How do I activate my licenses?
Wonderware 2017 software products are license enforced using a new 'Activated' licensing. Licenses are ‘activated’ with an activation code and that code is associated/locked to the License Server at the customer site resulting in greater license flexibility and higher license compliance. This new Activated licensing makes use of our new License Manager which makes activating, managing, and upgrading licenses simple. This has multiple additional advantages such as: the archestra.lic license files are no longer needed, no more license dongles, no more RDS (T/TP/TF/TPF), Failover, or RDS Concurrent parts, and no more paper High Availability part.

+ Do you have a presentation I can use to communicate to my teams?
Yes. There is a large amount of collateral for your use. A summary presentation can be found at the link below. InSource would be delighted to collaborate with you to discuss the expanded capabilities with your teams.